15 December 2011

29. Compiling/Building nwchem with mpich on debian testing 64 bit (Wheezy -- 15/12/2011)

So, as seen in the previous post, mpich2 ver 1.4 and nwchem 6.0 don't play nicely together.

Continuing with the virtual machine in the previous post, I added a line referencing the stable version to /etc/apt/sources.list:
deb ftp://ftp.au.debian.org/debian/ stable main contrib non-free

Important: I ADDED that line -- all lines referencing the testing version (or wheezy) are left untouched.
sudo apt-get update
Since the versions in stable are older adding that line won't affect your system.

apt-cache showpkg mpich2

Under provides it should say:

sudo apt-get install mpich2=

You'll get a warning that you're about to downgrade, which is what we're trying to do.

sudo apt-get autoremove (will downgrade dependent packages. Just go with it)
aptitude search mpich2
check what's installed and what version
aptitude show libmpich2-dev
If it's 1.4.1 or not installed, make sure to set it to just like for mpich2

Run sh myconfig.sh (see here for the script). Seems to build ok. All the mpd tools are where they should be.
NOTE: according to this post mpd isn't needed in newer (>=1.3) versions.

In summary, this seems to be the way to build nwchem on wheezy -- by downgrading the mpich2 and mpich2-dev packages. Since downgrading those packages may affect other packages as well, it may cause problems, but so far so good.

Testing the built binary:
mpd --ncpus=4 &
mptrace -l
mpdrun -n 4 ./nwchem ../../examples/dirdyvtst/h3/h3tr1.nw

All is good

EDIT (16/12/2011):
So, you've installed an older version of a package. apt-get will want to upgrade it, so you should put the packages on 'hold'. Every time you upgrade your system apt-get will warn you that there are packages on hold, so don't worry about forgetting about it

sudo su
echo "mpich2 hold"|dpkg --set-selections
echo "libmpich2-dev hold"|dpkg --set-selections

(taken from http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=71448&start=15)

As an aside, you may want to downgrade gromacs-mpich to use mpich2-1.2 as well:
sudo apt-get install gromacs-mpich=4.0.7-3

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