07 June 2012

178. Gridengine queues on heterogeneous systems

I don't want to risk three slot jobs being submitted to quad core jobs, so I figured I'll try setting up different queues based on the jobs parameters.

Some reading:

qconf -ahgrp @quads
group_name @quads
hostlist tantalum
qconf -aq four.q
qname                  three.q
hostlist              @quads
seq_no             1
slots                 4,[tantalum=4]
pe_list              make mpi4
qconf -ahgrp @thrice
group_name @thrice
hostlist boron beryllium
qconf -aq three.q
qname                 three.q
hostlist              @thrice
seq_no                1
pe_list               make mpi3
slots                 3,[boron=3],[beryllium=3]
Finally, to avoid submitting jobs to main.q without deleting it, we change the seq_no to 9 for that particular q.
Also, we'll change the pe_list on main.q to remove mpi3 and mpi4 -- that way main.q is only used if I request only one core.
pe_list       make mpi1
And now jobs get sent to the right queue (and node) depending on the number of cores I request.

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