10 July 2012

204. GNOME 3: prevent shotwell from taking over storage devices with photos

I occasionally move pictures off my phone and the CF card of my camera. It annoys me a little bit that shotwell  gets to open and import my photos uninvited.

It also annoys me that a 5 seconds search through the preferences of nautilus and shotwell doesn't offer a solution, but I suppose when we really think about it is a GNOME issue.

Well, it's easy to sort it out: start the gnome system settings, go to details, and select Removable Media.

A lot of functionality is disabled, shifted around or removed completely in the core gnome apps because select devs consider it 'confusing', not obvious or difficult to locate (fixing the sentence to make it grammatically coherent would make it unreadable and clunky -- you know what I mean). Yet somehow the System Settings/Details as a dumping ground for some rather odd stuff has survived since Gnome 3.0.

Again, I like gnome. But gnome will probably do a whole lot better taking criticism from it's loyal users than catering to imaginary mobile device users, hypothetical ex-windows/osx users or basing design decisions on classroom-appropriated theory.

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